Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Next Time I Buy a Car...

...I am going to try and get WeWork founder Adam Neumann to come along and negotiate for me.

He will probably convince the auto dealer to pay me to take the car off the lot.

Think about this,
he basically burned through $10 billion of Softbank money in a mad spending spree and, after it became obvious to Softbank that the man was an out of control, new age, nutjob, they gave him $1.7 billion to leave the company and a $250 million 4 year consulting contract.

Plus, Softbank is throwing in another $9 billion that they think will save the company (highly unlikely).

To my friends looking for venture capital money, I recommend contacting Softbank. Go in aggressive, go in new age, talk nonsense but big nonsense, just close the deal before the Fed slows down its money printing.


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