Thursday, October 3, 2019

This Will Drive Free Market Advocates to Drink

The Diet Coke drinking, tariff-crazed, President Trump has included Scotch and Irish single malt whiskeys on a preliminary list of European imports to be hit with 25% tariffs as early as October 18, reports WhiskyCast.

The list also includes French wines, Italian cheeses, British cashmere, and a wide array of other products.

The move comes after a much-expected World Trade Organization ruling allowing the United States to take punitive action against the European Union for providing subsidies to Airbus that violate WTO rules.

I repeat, retaliatory tariffs make no sense.

Trump is a trade Neanderthal.



  1. Trump's base drinks domestic beer, problem.

    1. Haha.

      When they got Natty Light and Old Milwaukee (aka 'The Beast') what do they need with a good sipping single malt

  2. Wow Scott you nailed that. This is the last straw!
    I am a American whiskey man my self, but I’ve a friend who likes to have some good scotch when he comes over, and I like it too. Trump is a crazy asshole. I suppose the Scots and Irish have been stealing billions from us too?
    Back in the colonial days, when men didn’t put up with some stupid politician messing with their drink, this wouldn’t go over well, at all.

  3. it brings money into the treasury, they needed to figure out an acceptable way of selling it.