Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Note to Employers About Former WeWork Employees

Thousands of WeWork employees are being laid off this week.

It is part of the company's attempt to stop the financial bleeding that has been occurring under a pretty insane business model. I warned a WeWork manager about the crazy model years ago.

I am still doubtful the company will survive once a recession hits.

That said, I have used various WeWork services over the years. I even used some of their office space when I was between East coast and West coast living. Even now I am a WeWork "member" which allows me to book, in any of their buildings around the world, conference and work space when I travel.

I have taken advantage of the service when I have traveled, and the one thing that has always struck me is that even though there was madness at the corporate level, the employees in the various WeWork spaces were always pleasant, competent and problem solvers.

I had often thought to myself, "I wonder how their screening is done for employees because the employees are always solid."

So employers should consider this as a reference for when one of the thousands of WeWork resumes comes across your desks, chances are very high that if you hire the applicant you are going to get a very solid employee.


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