Thursday, November 28, 2019

How to Be a Great Entrepreneurial Holiday Gift Giver

I am posting, again, my video, How to Be a Great Entrepreneurial Gift Giver.

I think it is one of the best videos I have ever done and yet it gets little traction. I have done other videos that get many times more views than this one. My video, Who is Buying Bitcoin and When Will They Stop?, has more than 60 times more views!! But, yet, I get more emails about my Gift Giver video than any other. It does make an impact on people who watch it, so here it is once again:

For those of you still stuck about what to get for that difficult to buy for person, here are a few ideas:

For the student, the curious, the reader or your lefty friend, on the top of my list this year is Rand Paul's new book: The Case Against Socialism.

This is simply the best takedown of socialism for the present day.

It has depth, clarity, theory and touches (and destroys)  all the current AOC and Bernie Sanders talking points. And it is very well written.

In another completely different direction for the professional, you can never go wrong giving an engraved Cross pen set. They will remember you always.

And as I mention in my video, store or restaurant gift cards are a great idea for some.

Finally, check out Amazon Hot Deals.


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