Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Consequences of the Berlin Wall

A year before the Berlin Wall came down, I had the opportunity to cross Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin.

If anything, from my experience, Johan Norberg underplays the differences between the two sides of the wall.

West Berlin was a bustling Western European city, East Berlin was gray and drab, both the people and buildings. It was a shock. The cars in East Berlin were Yugos that reminded me of American go-karts. People's clothes were gray and fit poorly. I didn't see anyone smile.

I have often thought that anyone who could experience the difference a wall and a different economic structure could make, in what was once a unified liberal city, could never become, or continue to be, a communist.



  1. Correction: no one who has IQ higher than a cabbage head's can be a communist. Of course, there's an unending supply of scoundrels pretending to be communists to prey on the fools.

    1. I know plenty of high IQ commies. They're not stupid. They're confused and angry.

    2. Lots of intelligent people don't engage in heavy thinking. If they did, they wouldn't be Marxists or Commies.

  2. Yeah, but that wasn't true communism.