Sunday, November 17, 2019

Vladimir Putin: The US Dollar Will Collapse Soon

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin nailed it on Saturday at the "Russian Energy Week 2019" conference in Moscow.

He told attendees that
The US dollar has been highly appreciated around the world. It was almost the only world currency. For some reason the US began using it as a tool of political pressure, imposing restrictions on its use. So they started biting the hand that was feeding them.
It will collapse soon. More and more countries are gradually abandoning it as a reserve currency.
They impose restrictions on Iran, Russia and other countries. This undermines confidence in the dollar.
Not understandable enough?
They are destroying the dollar with their own hands. 
Putin is getting this correct. By the US government imposing sanctions and blocking the ability to block entirely or in part various countries to deal in dollars, it is causing countries to consider alternatives.

It is not a coincidence that Russia has been accumulating gold.


  1. All fiat currencies face a day of reckoning and the dollar is no different. Buckle up and accumulate gold because things are going to get “interesting.”

  2. It is all about power. The USA has been diminishing its power with its arrogance. Not only would the world be a much better place but the USA would have more power if it had really been the super power it should have been. Especially after the USSR fell. That was its chance to lead by example with all the freedoms the USA was supposed to have. But that wasn’t good enough. They had to replace the cold war with other wars (on drugs, on terror).

    The dollar is still king but the kings crown is showing rust. Real crowns and real money don’t rust.

  3. Not only is Putin correct but I would love to see the numbers on debt held and world wide dollar velocity over the last 20 years measured against other currencies. I would be both trends are down.