Friday, December 20, 2019

Big Time Capitalist-Hate Movie Coming

The movie Capital in the Twenty-First Century had its North American premiere at DocNYC, New York’s documentary film festival, in November and is scheduled for wide release in the spring of 2020, according to It is based on the book by the same name that was written by the wealth-hating economist Thomas Piketty.

The film appears as though it is a complete distortion of capitalism, which, of course, being based on the Piketty book, shouldn't come as a surprise.

The film's the director, Justin Pemberton says:
We translate the feeling of being better off than someone else to actually being better than them, and that’s a pretty serious social consequence.
Here's the trailer.

Naturally, there doesn't appear to be any discussion of the role and importance of capital, or entrepreneurs, in a growing society.

This film could be very dangerous. It strikes me as the type of film that will attract shallow thinking college students

It could possibly be one of the most popular free-market society wrecking movies ever made.

For the problems with Piketty's book see: The Thomas Piketty File.



  1. There used to be a time when virtues of thrift, industry and saving were lauded and encouraged---I.e., be the "ant" instead of the "grasshopper." So what if some wackos have a psychological hang-up about others having been better at it than them, and are consumed by envy? That shouldn't be an indictment of capitalism.

    1. It's not simply envy, it's the idea that the prudent person, the hard working person, and so is "lucky" and should "share". If he does not, he's a bad, evil person. It seems to be in some deep human programming and easily activated by manipulative people. The same manipulative people who have turned people's anger about crony-central bank "capitalism" into anger against the hard working prudent people.

      They will never deal with the engine of the gross inequality, central banking, for it is necessary for socialism and communism.

    2. On one hand, it's a teenager mentality, harboring the "Never trust anyone over 30" mindset. They're puerile, immature adolescents, consumed with distrust and resentment towards the more responsible, "stuffy and boring" adults...
      On the other hand, it's just ignorance, and believing that wealth accumulation is a zero-sum game.

  2. "We translate the feeling of being better off than someone else to actually being better than them, and that’s a pretty serious social consequence."

    -- Isn't that how the political elite think of us rubes?

  3. Libertarians should make the exact same movie, but focused on the Federal Rederve. Stop letting them call the current system capitalism.