Tuesday, December 3, 2019

France Vows EU Retaliation Against Trump Tariffs

Bruno Le Maire 

And so the economic madness intensifies.

Paris has hit back at the Trump administration’s threat to impose 100 per cent tariffs on up to $2.4bn of French goods with France’s finance minister vowing the EU was ready to retaliate with “a strong riposte, ” reports The Financial Times.

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire says the tariff plans were “unacceptable” and not worthy of an ally.

“It’s in no one’s interest, it’s not in the interest of growth, or of political stability,” he said in a radio interview.

Bottom line: Madmen in charge on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean who have no qualms about making life more difficult for the average citizen as they play their economically ignorant macho game.


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