Monday, December 23, 2019

Greg Ransom: Paul Krugman is an Intellectual Fraud; A Shallow Man With a Shallow Education

Greg Ransom of TakingHayekSeriously has unloaded on Nobel Prize-winning New York Times economist and columnist Paul Krugman:

This might get interesting.

My thinking is that it isn't that Krugman had a shallow education at the start but that he simply has chosen to ignore any sound economics he has learned and instead promotes a Democratic-leaning establishment agenda. He is an apologist for the state.

As for now, it is likely very true, as Ransom speculates, that Krugman hasn't done any serious readings since his graduate schools days. He is surfing on bluff, which can work at The Times, as long as you pick the politically correct establishment waves to ride.

If he were an Ayn Rand character, he would be a duller, less influential version of Ellsworth Toohey.



  1. If you paruse through his textbook written with his wife. Many things like the minimum wage laws are in direct contradiction to what he writes in the NY Times column. It's baffling nobody calls him out on it. Krugman is a good typical neoclassical Keynesian economist when he writes textbooks but he throws most of that out the window when he writes his columns for public consumption.

    I was proud of him in 2016 when he called out Bernie Sanders economic plan and Medicare for All and incurred the wrath of the Bernie Bros in academic circles. But since than he has started to warm up to that side since he sees the winds shifting to the left in the party since 2016

  2. My favorite Krugman moment was when Bill O'Reilly stood over him on the Tim Russert show back in the early 2000's and threatened him to call him a liar now. Krugman was shaking like a little school boy and Russert had a look of horror on his face. Absolutely hilarious. If your gonna make stuff up better be tough enough to stand behind it. No hiding in the ivory tower professor.

  3. Krugman IMO is the sort of intellectual that has plagued human society for the last six thousand years. He is greatly rewarded for telling the people why they should obey and sacrifice to the ruling class. He's not ignorant, he simply puts his immediate self interest above everything else.