Tuesday, December 17, 2019

World Economic Forum: The Economic Gender Gap Will Take 257 Years to Close

How outrageous can things get?

Bloomberg reports that, according to the World Economic Forum, the economic gender gap will take 257 years to close, even more than the  202 years it calculated last year.

Of course, no one asks the big question: Why should there be economic gender equality?

Perhaps there is a good reason that, as WEF puts it, "not enough" women are entering professions where wage growth is fastest.

It is absurd to think this is a problem of colleges and universities preventing women from entering such course-related career paths, in this age of white male hate. And it is certainly not the fault of tech firms who are scrambling to find skilled women to meet the gender ratios they have to report to the government.

As Benn Steil, Director of International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, notes:
Headlines like this highlight just how silly the bald metrics are. Why is the "gender gap" getting worse? Fast job-growth in IT and engineering. By all means, let's encourage more talent into those fields. But there will always be differences in job preference across gender.
The postmodernist and Frankfurt school influenced Left is simply mad. They want to destroy western civilization and their demands for equality everywhere is just a tactic to demand the impossible in an attempt to overthrow sane and civil society.

And this says nothing about the mad methodology that must have been used to make a forecast of 257 years. Are we really supposed to take this seriously? On its surface, it makes no sense. It's as if changes must occur in some kind of tiny step-by-step process.



  1. That type of forecast is a complete waste of time given that we're all going to die from climate change in 12 years according to Occasional-Cortex.

  2. This will over 300 years shortly as the hollowing out of the working and middle class continues