Monday, January 6, 2020

Biden Tells Man Whose Family Was Harmed By Obamacare: ‘No One Understood’ the Law

Sleepy Joe is only telling part of the story.

The average American didn't understand Obamacare but that is because he wasn't told the truth about how it would function.

But it is also a crony program from start to finish. The crony health insurance industry and the crony greater healthcare industry always understood the footnotes and details that benefitted them. Indeed, they are responsible for the crony footnotes and details that did get in the program.

Not to mention fundamental economics which teaches that a centrally planned sector of an economy can not be efficient even if by some miracle there was no cronyism involved.


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  1. Obamacare was not only crony but it was yet another mechanism to bind people into corporate employment. Another company town measure. The government and the cronies had deliberately made medical care expensive over the course of a century and of course insurance got more expensive with it. After Obamacare the insurance was not only more expensive than ever and all the cheap options made illegal but it was also mandatory. Small employers couldn't offer it and thus this meant tying people to corporate employment. It's a measure old time company town industrialists would have used.