Friday, January 24, 2020

Hey AOC, It is Going to Be an Ice Age

Nutty climate change forecasts delivered with supposed scientific backing are not new.

Back in the 1970s, legendary national news anchor Walter Cronkite warned in AOC style that there were only a few years left before climate catastrophe would strike. But back then it was a forecast that a new Ice Age was imminent.

Like Cronkite, “the most trusted man” in news, reporter and commentator Howard K. Smith also brought up the threat of a new ice age. Smith did so repeatedly.



  1. What the Sun does completely dwarfs anything we puny humans do on Earth.

  2. Today’s climate change is better than the 70’s climate change, for the tyrants. A new Ice Age would be much more devastating to humans (and most life on earth) but was not claimed to have an anthropogenic cause. Human industrialization is the cause of all “negative” climate today, or so say the power hungry control freaks, their cronies and the ignorant.

    Humans have very little control over climate. On the other hand climate has a huge control over humans. What better way to control humans than to claim humans can control climate? When the cooling trend of the 70’s ended in the 80’s and the warming trend spiked in the 90’s the powers that should not be manufactured a new weather crisis that has the additional benefit, to them, of being caused by human emission of CO2.

    Control of humans is the goal. Control of carbon is their current tool.

  3. Nostalgia time for old government panics. Recall that in the 1970s while scientists were trying to scare everyone about the coming Ice Age, the government was trying to scare everyone that there was an "energy shortage". Recall the horrible 55 MPH speed limit that lasted for decades. Next to Fed induced inflation, the energy shortage hoax and the price controls that caused it were the most important libertarian and Austrian topic of the times. Rothbard ripped Jimmy Carter a new one in The Libertarian Review back in 1977. Nasty and funny.