Friday, January 17, 2020

Three Cheers for Vanguard: It Has Refused to Sign Up to the "Climate Crisis Commitment”

George Reisman tweets:

It also should be kept in mind that climate science is hardly "settled" science. And that the millions chanting that something must be done about CO2 emissions have no idea what the scientific arguments are that are made by those that argue that current CO2 levels are not a threat. Nor do they understand the economics of how a free market would deal with a crisis if there actually was one.

The concern about climate change is mass hysteria. It really is not that different from the Salem witch hunt trials.



  1. And then you have this from Microsoft:

    My reply in the Tweet:
    Tech has immense achievements making processes more efficient. In reality, MS has already reduced waste and emissions by improving productivity in the world. Not so sure a focus like this is the right thing for MS to do when MS can keep delivering great products that allow people to achieve more with less.

    Plus an announcement like this (a) ignores science and controversy of climate change; and (b) politicizes Microsoft.

  2. Perhaps the technologists need to read Freud and Le Bon on mass psychology. These writers observed that joining a crowd without thought can lead to actions based on impulsive emotions not reason. Actions which tend toward a desire for instant gratification rather than reasoned response. Actions which often end in disaster.

  3. People are projecting their anxieties about their own mortality onto the natural world.