Sunday, January 26, 2020

Trump Admits That It Would Have Been Tougher to Beat Hillary If She Had Picked Bernie Sanders as VP...

...because he has the same trade position as Trump.

And Trump is correct, they are both central planners when it comes to trade.



  1. The reason to support Trump is not that he is an economic stable genius. He's crass, he's not particularly bright, and he is quite annoying. He is not a murderous psychopath, though. Which is a welcome change.

    The best thing he does is triggering unthinking visceral rage in collectivists of all stripes - thus exposing them for the violent sociopaths they are. His contribution to humanity is kicking the barn walls to flush out the rats. He's doing a truly admirable job at that, and for this he has my thanks. You have to judge the man by his enemies, and his is a very admirable collection of thieves, plutocrats, and mass murderer wannabes.

    1. Tell that to ISIS defeater General Soleimani. Trump is a murderous neocon, just like the rest of the swamp.