Friday, February 14, 2020

Homeless Couple Find Work Delivering Eviction Notices

Oakland homeless encampment

Thomas Fuller reports for The New York Times:
Two months ago I asked a couple I had gotten to know at an Oakland homeless camp what kind of work they were finding.

The couple, Kim Hansen and John Hebbring, told me that they had scored a gig on Craigslist delivering eviction notices for a legal documents company. Both had been evicted in the past and now they were the ones knocking on doors.

“Believe me, we see the irony,” Mr. Hebbring told me...
It is not their job to change locks or physically remove people from their homes — that is the sheriff’s domain — but several times a week Mr. Hebbring and Ms. Hansen leave the crowded, trash-filled, homeless encampment in Oakland where they live and travel to cities around the Bay Area: Newark, Millbrae, Fremont, Daly City, East Palo Alto and Hayward among them...
“No one wants to be the one delivering bad news but pretty much right now it’s our only source of income,” she said.
The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, with its onerous building construction regulations, results in a very limited supply of apartments and sky-high rents. If you aren't catching some of the new money being printed by the Fed, it is very difficult place to keep up. 


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  1. And this is a great example of how, in the private sector, there are plenty of jobs available, nay, able to be created, even for the least skilled, if people are willing to take them and aren't being subsidized not to take them.