Thursday, February 6, 2020

Paul Krugman: Back Bernie Sanders If He is the Nominee

This is how bad mainstream economics has gotten.

Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tweets that Bernie Sanders should be supported if the party chooses him as the nominee.

Practically every policy advocated by Sanders would march the U.S. economy toward socialist collapse, even if he were to become "more moderate," and yet Krugman thinks this is just fine for some reason.

Krugman is a real-life Ellsworth Toohey.



  1. Toohey was the worst. what a pos

  2. He wants a Cabinet position so much, he'll say anything these days.

  3. Not only that but Krugman attacked Bernie's plans in 2016 and fought battles with Gerald Friedman about how utopian Bernie's economic plan was than.

    Poor Krugman. It must be hell to be so intellectually schizophrenic. Krugman the neo classical economist vs Krugman the sage of acceptable opinion in the Times battling for his soul.