Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Socialism Won in Iowa on Monday

While the official count from the Iowa caucuses is yet to be announced, it was clear from anyone watching the news reports from individual caucus districts last night that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were big winners.

Joe Biden, the "centrist," appears to have crashed and burned.

It is just the start of the primary and caucus season and Sanders and Warren may not be able to carry the socialist ball across the goal line but that they are displaying so much strength in middle America is disturbing.

A good chunk of middle America just does not understand the horrors that central planning brings, especially the youth. It appears that Sanders and Warren were particularly strong in college areas.

This is a major negative sign for the future of America. Unless something drastic changes in the thinking about socialism, and soon, the United States may be on the road to eventual radical wealth distribution that will destroy incentives and shrink the capital pool that is required to produce goods and services.

Regulations interfering with private sector businesses will increase exponentially as will the size of overall government spending as a percentage of GDP.

The  Swedish economist (and socialist) Assar Lindbeck stated: "In many cases rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city—except for bombing."

For Sanders and Warren, rent control is an obvious tweak. They would go well beyond that in the bombing.

This time around, it might not be Sanders or Warren but there are even more extreme socialists in the wings. The idea that climate change will destroy the earth in 12 years is absurd but the potential of socialism to destroy many millions on earth is a very real threat. Iowa is a warning that the socialist disease is active amongst us.



  1. The Left sounds the alarm over phantom Nazis and KKK-ers, while all around us is metastasizing socialism. It would be funny if it weren't so disturbing.

    1. The Left is intent on ideological suicide. They rejected the base of majority white working class and went to chase minorities, illegals, and marginals while working extra hard on alienating the actual voters with incessant insults and obnoxious lecturing. Oh, and they never fail to fall for Trump's trolling. That's how smart they are.

      They'll lose bigly. After which they'll either resort to open violence (which will result in physical extermination of all openly leftist politicos) or will go down as yet another radical cult.

      I don't see the silent majority falling for the socialist B.S. It's all noisy journalism majors and impressionable naive kids who create the impression that socialism is growing on Americans. What happens in reality is growth of resentment towards leftists and leftism and their corporate pals - which is seen as growing Trump's approval ratings. The kids will grow up (and hopefully will learn something about life - including that they've been royally screwed by the academic kumbaya crowd), and journalists are already widely seen as propagandist scum.

      The real choice ahead for America is not between socialism and business as usual; it's between turn to populist authoritarianism along Chinese lines, or returning to classical liberalism (by the way of decentralization). The corporatist business as usual is clearly unsustainable in longer term.

  2. Just a reminder, Ron Paul won Iowa in 2012... It means absolutely nothing.

    1. RW is just pointing out that it's a sign that socialism is gaining popularity, which is also reflected by Warren and Bernie's nationwide polling results so far.