Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Trump Signals Openness to Trade With Foreign Countries

In a series of tweets, President Trump has taken a swipe at some proposed regulations which would make it more difficult for US businesses to trade with foreign countries.

Of course, trade is a two-way street and Trump says nothing in the tweets above about allowing foreign firms to sell products in the US without tariffs or other restrictions.


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  1. Imagine this:

    "Mr. President...I have carried water for you all this time and it's time for a little Payback, OK? I told you that this day would come and here it is. China is self-destructing and the world will turn the good ol' US of A once again.

    "You simply have turn the other cheek and I mean right now. Your handlers got you to praise Xi and that was one of the lowest moments of your Presidency. We bailed out the old Soviet Union and that disaster meant death for millions. This is something else entirely. You have to change.

    "Anti-Free Trade, the Tariff Wall and Fortress America simply isn't the way to go right now. You must say that America is "Open for Business". Use those words. You can always say that this is what you meant when you said, "Fair Trade, Not Free Trade but Fair Trade". Hell, you probably still believe it.

    "China weaponized everything it could and it is now reaping the whirlwind. China would militarize us more if they could. That type of adversary is what they want. There is an alternative.

    "America is Open for Business"

    "That is the adversary they - and everyone else - cannot defeat.
    It's not as catchy as Walmart's "Save Money, Live Better" but it will save lives around the world.

    "So, throw me a bone here. Let the world know. 'America is here for you again, World. Curse us if you will but if you want to live, we're Open for Business..."

    --Larry Kudlow