Sunday, February 9, 2020

Trump's Private Thoughts on the Ballooning Deficit

The U.S. government deficit is ballooning out of control.

Trump has added almost $3 trillion to the debt in the past three years, it is on track to grow more this year by at least another trillion.

Mar-a-Largo visitors recently asked the President Trump about the out of control spending.

The Washington Post reports his response:
Leaked audio from a dinner the president attended in January with donors at Mar-a-Lago, his private resort in Florida, captured the president brushing aside those who are critical of rising defense and federal spending as part of the growing national debt. “Who the hell cares about the budget? We’re going to have a country,” the president said.
This kind of talk is a mix of mad Modern Monetary Theory and Banana Republic dictator style talk.

Trump's government spending policy is reckless to say the least. We, of course, will end up paying for it one way or another. You are a sucker if you think there is anything good about this.



  1. His new slogan should be:

    "Trump - turning 'murica thrid world since 2016"

    1. That's already been partially accomplished. Besides, don't libertardians want more turd world low IQ people from failed societies because of 'muh principles'? Do libertardians not cheer when corporate America replaces an American with a cheaper H1B duh-versity because of 'muh cheap labor'?

  2. Oh hell, a long lone of presidents have had that slogan.