Saturday, February 22, 2020

Tucker Carlson Goes On Crazy Rant Against White House Chief-Of-Staff Mick Mulvaney

At the post, It's Happening: Trump's Developing Major Shift on Immigration, I reported on White House chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney's statement that the US needs more immigrants.

This has caused Tucker Carlson to go on an immigration-hate rant.

There is nothing in Carlson's rant that is correct when it comes to the economics of immigration.

His immigration hate position is also anti-free market. It is not much different from the immigration-hate of White House advisor Stephen Miller.

I discussed the errors in MIller's thinking in the below clip:


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  1. Once again, RW shows his libertardian stupidity. We need zero immigration especially from non-white/non-European countries. RW would rather see impoverished Americans so he can support is ideology. RW should visit South Texas and ask Hispanics in agricultural if we should let the hordes in Mexico and Central America because of 'muh cheap labor'.

    Here is a Pew research article on those libertarian limited government Hispanics:

    Here is one reason why we need to limit immigration:

    "We have plenty of good people, but they are all working in slacker jobs because high taxes make already hateful jobs into treadmill slavery to pay for entitlements. Abolish everything that pays directly or in kind to individual citizens, and start over, so that perhaps we can avoid a complete breakdown. [[[ MULVANEY ]]] sides with the immigrants because he sees himself as an outsider, and wants more outsiders to help break down the majority. That they will do, since Hispanics want big government and will support it as a means of destroying the former majority so that minority-majority rule can become the norm."

    It's clear RW hates any reasonable policies that would help Americans. This is why libertardians can't win elections. More non-white immigration is a loser issue and none of them are limited government libertarians.