Tuesday, March 10, 2020

BREAKING President Xi Jinping of China Has Made His First Visit to Wuhan

 President Xi Jinping 
Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday morning visited the city of Wuhan for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak erupted there.

The New York Times notes:
His trip is sure to be seen as a sign that China’s leaders believe that a series of draconian restrictions, including the lockdown of hundreds of millions of people starting in late January, have brought the outbreak under control.
According to official data, coronavirus infections have recently receded in China, falling to a few dozen new cases every day, nearly all of them in Wuhan, the provincial capital.
In the country of 1.3 billion, there have been  3,136 deaths recorded as a result of the virus.


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  1. What a Joyous Time in our lives!!!
    Mao once swam the Yangtze River in his 70s at a faster-than-an-Olympic-Swimmer speed to show how Divine his powers were!

    Now Xi appears and the Corona Virus is conquered! The Bio-Weapons Lab was actually a People's Betterment Bureau!!!

    All Hail the Five Year Plan!!! Exclamation Points for all the People!!!
    (Really RW. No "/Sarc" switch?!?!!)