Thursday, March 19, 2020

Caught Red Handed:Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee Sold All His Stock After COVID-19 Briefing While Telling the Public Everything Was Fine

Richard Burr
When government is in charge, the elite in government always try to take advantage of their special access to knowledge.

Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr botched his special access to government briefings on COVID-19. Displaying little in terms of intelligence, he liquidated all his positions and he has been caught red handed doing it.

There are ways to do these things to hide your shady tracks. Obviously, he did not. He should have talked to a pro.

He's gone.

Hey, hey, goodbye.


Tucker Carlson says Sen. Burr must explain $1.6 million stock sale or resign:

Burr isn't the worst guy in the Senate, by any stretch, but I do like to see politicians squirm.

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  1. I can hardly wait to hear the excuses and whining from him and his supporters. However, is anyone surprised by this? If so I feel sorry for you.