Thursday, March 26, 2020

Fed Chair Powell Will Make Rare TV Appearance

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will make a rare televised interview appearance in a broadcast this morning.

Powell will be interviewed on the NBC Today show at 7:05 a.m ET.

Communication from the Fed chair has for decades been carefully choreographed, given the importance of signals to the public and to investors in particular, notes Bloomberg.

They pretty much have the printing presses running 24-7, I can't imagine there is much more for him to say but, of course, this interview will come just a couple of hours before the new US unemployment claims are to be announced which are expected to show a jump in unemployed of multi-millions.

He will probably try to spin this.


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  1. Another huge jump in the weekly M2NSA numbers.

    "This is A-Powell-o Launch Control. LIFT-OFF! We have a lift-off. Lift-off on A-Powell-o 20."