Tuesday, March 3, 2020

How Bernie Sanders Answers A Question to Deceive

The below clip is an excellent discussion on how Bernie Sanders promotes his socialist plan.

The narrator really nails what Bernie does.

However, one point the narrator does not do is discuss the method by which Bernie frames his answer as though he is considering all possibilities when the key to Bernie's approach is to ignore fundamental economic foundations like innovation, competition, prices as signals, and entrepreneurial alertness. And most important, Bernie ignores that when you create a central power decision making entity that those closest to the central power will set the rules for their own benefit.

For example, Bernie never makes the point that it is the fact that pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and healthcare insurance companies are close to the current central power structure that drugs and medical care prices are so high. Bernie has a hidden assumption that it is the form of central power rather than central power itself that is the problem.


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  1. What Sanders did is evaded the question offering a lot of irrelevant numbers. Which means that he knows for sure that, yes, taxes will be increased, and middle class will be paying through the nose. Which makes him a psychopathic scoundrel rather than a harmless crank.

    Too bad quite a lot of Americans are stupid enough not to see through Bernie's transparent lies.