Thursday, April 30, 2020

Another 3.8 Million Have Filed For Unemployment

The Labor Department reports that another 3.8 million U.S. workers filed jobless claims last week.

This bring the number of workers joining the official jobless ranks in the last six weeks of the mad lockdown to more than 30 million.

But the real picture is likely even worse.

The New York Times notes that "a study by the Economic Policy Institute found that roughly 50 percent more people than counted as filing claims in a recent four-week period may have qualified for benefits but were stymied in applying or didn’t even try because they found the process too formidable."



  1. Since there are so many people unemployed, do you and David Stockman still believe in more un-restricted immigration? What's the libetardian position at this time? I'm for kicking the illegal immigrants out, H1's, zero issuance of green cards, more restrictions on whether those are here legally can not become a public charge.

    1. The solution is to lift the quarantine orders, not to kick illegal immigrants out. Why not address the issue at hand directly? As for illegal immigrants in general, why not just make them all citizens and remove all interventions into the labor market that prevent the market from clearing? The only thing stopping us from achieving full unemployment, immigrants or not, is the government.

    2. "As for illegal immigrants in general, why not just make them all citizens "

      You win award for stupid comment of the year. If you have any female relatives in a nursing home, let them know your stance:

    3. Lol you resort to ad-hominems and post articles that barely have anything to do with the topic. And I’m the stupid one? “Some immigrants do bad stuff, therefore we must send them back” is a nonsense argument.

      Be real with yourself: you’re a below-average intelligence internet troll whose go-to is personal attacks because of your intellectual bankruptcy.