Sunday, April 26, 2020

Krugman Supports the Current Massive Deficits

As the US government goes on a mad spending spree in the face of COVID-19, the deficit is increasing by multi-trillions. The  Federal Reserve is mostly monetizing the spending--resulting in exploding money supply. But Paul Krugman says it is all fine.

Remarkably, he completely ignores the price inflation threat.




  1. So, plz tell us who Krugman will blame (besides Republicans, of course) when this thing all BLOWS UP!!! Based on past experience, he will say that we didn't go far enough, that we didn't Deficit Spend enough, but when the Hour of Reckoning comes, we all know that he will never admit he is wrong.

    Who else can he blame it on?


  2. Has he ever not supported deficits?