Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pork Prices Soaring

A combination of supply cuts and mad money Fed printing is a recipe for accelerating price inflation for the things we want to buy.

Wholesale pork has posted back-to-back gains, rising 15% to 60.13 cents a pound.

Hug your gold coins.

(ht Joe Weisenthal)


  1. I know you mention "hug your gold coins." I agree. But any inference into buying may be best leading to silver bars.

    Gold price target: $2,000, Silver price target: $27. Gold spot: $1,700, silver spot $15.39. Both achievable. Buying silver bullion (bar form) is attractive as only a ~10% markup from spot. Silver coins are priced at a whopping 46% above spot currently near $22.39. Gold about 8% over spot at $1,840.

    With Silver target at $27, buying silver bars seem to be much better opportunity for profit than silver or gold coins. The spot price may be inherently low given what looks to be high market prices.

    I admit, I'm a beginner, but sure looks like bars are the way to go currently. (and maybe spread to gold/silver coins too) Maybe bars have other market issue that keeps their prices low? Maybe it's just people default to coins? They're pretty well sold out across the board except for newly minted 2020 gold/silver Eagles, showing people are flying to coins for now. Bars may catch up but seem to be a much better deal for now.

    1. Good point, til you have to buy a loaf of bread.

  2. Pork was too cheap to begin with, thanks to billions in government subsidies.