Saturday, April 11, 2020

Stimulus Checks for Up to $4,700 Have Begun Arriving in Bank Accounts

One part of the Trump-Powell mad money pump is on and active.

Americans eligible for the coronavirus economic stimulus package have started seeing payments arrive in their bank accounts, reports Newsweek.

Stuart Sopp, chief executive officer of mobile banking startup Current, told The Wall Street Journal that "a bunch of the first wave" of payments from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act have started to appear in their customer's accounts.

About 40% of the deposits were $1,200, with the rest ranging up to $4,700, Sopp said.

A banker at Navy Federal Credit Union tells me that they have alerted their customer service staff that they will need them to work overtime next week as they expect a crush of calls from customers about their payments.



  1. Interesting if you don't mind, could you be so kind and show us how many people prior to the issuance of government checks received $0 dollars and then contrast with had the shutdown never occurs what would they have received from there jobs?

    You know...just to be fair. In simplest terms if $5 dollars received prior to losing your job, then receiving $0 when shutdown began..then are people receiving collectively now $15...$20.

    1. Just to be fair: it's not at all about who receives the hand-outs. It's about those who are forced to pay for the "benevolence" of the armed bureaucrats.