Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Lockdown Sympathizers are Starting to Get Smashed in the Pocketbook: Facebook and Google

The New York Times reports:
Demand for digital advertising is shriveling after a decade of explosive growth amid the pandemic-fueled downturn. That could complicate things for Google and Facebook, who for the first time may have to contend with revenues that are actually shrinking.

With consumers mostly at home and unemployment soaring, advertisers are slashing promotional spending — in some cases, all the way to zero. For Google and Facebook, who together account for 70% of the U.S. market for digital ads, that so far has translated into tighter restraints on spending without the layoffs, pay cuts and furloughs that publishers and other industries have already imposed.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already told employees the company will curtail its hiring for the rest of the year and is considering deep cuts in its own marketing budget through 2020, according to internal communications obtained by CNBC t hat Google confirmed.

Facebook warned last month that its business was already being squeezed by the advertising downturn, although it didn't provide details. In countries hard-hit by the pandemic, it said messaging traffic was up 50% while voice and video calling had doubled, but added that it doesn't make money on many of those services and that ad business had “weakened” in those regions.
This is excellent to see. Maybe these operators will start to put serious pressure on the power freaks that have everything locked down with no scientific studies that show lockdowns are less costly in terms of deaths and mental pressure.

The power freaks enjoy it but not many others.

In the Bay Area, local freaks such as London Breed and Libby Schaaf have just extended the lockdowns through the month of May.

It is time for Google and Facebook to step up and tell these two freaks to end the nonsense.

I repeat there are no scientific studies that show lockdowns do not cause more harm than good in terms of death from untreated non-COVID-19 ill and suicides, not to mention increases in domestic abuse, child abuse and sexual child abuse.

Breed and Schaaf are ignoring some of the best minds in the world just down the road at Stanford University who are warning about the dangers of lockdowns. We will not forget come election time that Breed and Schaaf ignored this top advice.


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  1. These companies are a big part of the technocratic panopticon that Lockdown-20 has fast forwarded. They will take a hit now expecting to realize a future with no privacy. Their present loss of revenue may be an unintended consequence but they will be part of the crony solution.