Friday, April 3, 2020

The Truth Behind the Numbers That Fauci Gave to Trump That Resulted in Him Keeping The Economy Shut Down in April

Anthony Fauci

Trump adviser Tony Fauci is a medical power freak con man and he always has been.

But somehow, he has Trump suckered big time.



  1. Let this sink in: The corona cold virus has been with us for almost forever. If we ever had the corona cold virus in our past, a PCR test could show us as being corona “positive.” And if a person dies from almost any cause—short of a car wreck or bullet wound—a postmortem test that reflects a positive reading for corona would require (by the demands of government) that the deceased be listed as having died FROM corona. But in many cases (if not most cases), the deceased died WITH corona but not FROM corona.

    In other words, these tests and statistics surrounding the coronavirus are wildly speculative and exaggerated. But they succeed in keeping the public in a state of fear and panic.

    By the way, did you know that more people in Tennessee committed suicide than died from corona last week?

    Make no mistake about it: This is a planned event. The globalists—that the entire evangelical Christian and conservative Republican world kept telling us for the last three years that Donald Trump had on the run—are actually stronger than ever and have chosen this White House and this moment to launch an all-out attack against our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Laws of Nature.

    No! Donald Trump was not a man of the people to take down the Deep State; he was always a puppet of the Deep State to take down the rights and freedoms of The People. State governors (Republican and Democrat) are taking their Police State cues from the White House, because they know that as long as Trump endorses the plan, Christians and conservatives will sheepishly go along.

    I’m telling you straight out: This all-out assault against our freedoms would not and could not be happening if a Democrat was in the White House.

    I’ve said it a hundred times: America loses far more freedoms when a Republican is in the White House than when a Democrat is in the White House. We lost far more liberties under G.W. Bush than we did under Bill Clinton, and we have lost far more freedoms under Donald Trump than we did under Barack Obama. And right now it looks like the loss of EVERYTHING we hold dear as a nation will occur under the Republican President Donald Trump.

    This is not because Republican presidents are worse than Democrat presidents. It’s because both Republican and Democrat presidents are controlled by the same people, and when Republicans are in office, the real source of resistance—born-again Christians, “patriots” and conservatives within the GOP—becomes sheepish slaves of the Republican president and offers ZERO resistance.

    No! It’s more than that: They provide enthusiastic support for the Republican president—no matter how draconian his actions prove to be.

    In the past 30 days, Americans have lost—or should I say have willingly surrendered:

    *The free exercise of religion

    *The freedom to peaceably assemble

    *The freedom to travel

    *The freedom to work

    *The freedom to obtain a firearm (if you live in Washington State, New Jersey, New Orleans and other places)

    *The right of autonomy over one’s own property

    *The right of autonomy over one’s own money (try to withdraw a large sum of money right now and see what happens)

    *The right to buy and sell

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

    1. Well said. Good analysis. Pretty much accurate. We lost the gold standard under Nixon.
      I am not sure it would have made much difference though if we had a democrat in office right now. It is a world wide syndicate. 2 sides of same coin. Without ending the Federal Reserve nothing matters. Republicans or Democrats nobody ever removes them from power. The Fed is the source of all the power. Central Bank is part of Communist Manifesto. Until that is gone and we have "Decentralized" banking and sound money thete is no hope. Central banking is a monopoly over every user.

    2. Well said. Very well said.

  2. Looks like a good lawsuit. How such incompetence rises to the top is sick.

  3. Regarding RW's post it is interesting to note that the Washington Post has an article that quotes Fauci as saying that all models are useless and no one can predict the number of Covid19 cases. Wonder how Trump will react to that. At the same time there is a "scientist" at UC San Diego who claims beaches are dangerous and the Covid19 virus could be spread by the oceans spray. The hysteria continues. We need to end the shut-down now.

  4. You got it all wrong: COVID-19 is not a viral epidemic. It's epidemic of testing.

  5. Check out "The Highwire with Del Bigtree". He and his team are doing great reporting on the Covid 19 pandemic. As a subscriber Robert, I hope you will link to one of his videos. They are suing the government and winning in the name of medical freedom and transparency. They deserve our support.