Friday, April 24, 2020

Trump Says Government Should Buy Years of Plane Tickets Now

President Trump suggested that the U.S. government should try to buy four to five years’ worth of plane tickets in advance at a discount to inject struggling U.S. airlines with money, reports Bloomberg.

“One of the ways we can help the airlines is buying tickets at a very large discount, maybe 50% off or maybe more, and you buy into four or five years’ worth of tickets, and you infuse them with some cash,” Trump said during an Oval Office ceremony on Friday where he signed a $484 billion coronavirus stimulus measure.

“And in the meantime, we’re flying the people of our country for a fraction of the cost it would be when the airlines get back,” he added.

Trump appears to hold the MMT view that you can print money out of thin air and there will be no negative ramifications.

Money growth is now out of control but it appears it will get much worse. The price inflation on the other side of this is going to be spectacular.

If you don't own any gold or silver, you better buy some today.

Everybody else add to positions. I bought more earlier this week.