Friday, April 24, 2020

Wenzel on Rethinking the Dollar

I had a great interview yesterday with Mike of "Rethinking the Dollar."

Many important points were touched on the current lockdown and state of the economy.

I do want to clarify one point and that is in this clip I said we are about to experience a price inflation like none we have ever seen before. By that I mean, the price inflation is coming in a very unique form. We have had periods of very strong price inflation in America during the American Revolution and the Civil War but these were the result of printing over time to finance wars.

What we are seeing now is a massive injection of money throughout the economy in a very, very short period. That is what is unique about this money pump.

At this time, I am conservatively forecasting that price inflation will eventually hit 5% to 7% but I wouldn't be surprised if it is much higher.

And I hasten to add, the inflation may not be reflected in government indexes at first because of heavy discounting in areas where we may not be interested in buying such as cruise and airline sectors.


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  1. Nice interview Robert. Are far as gold and silver, have you ever heard of the Goldback? Supposedly gold is infused into the paper note. Their website is
    Ben Swann did an interview with the president here:

    What is your opinion on this? Novelty? Does it have the potential to provide real solutions with everyday transactions?