Wednesday, May 20, 2020

BREAKING: Trump Announces Executive Order Suspending Regulations Impeding US Economy

Well, well, an excellent move by President Trump.

The President has signed an executive order that he said is designed to help businesses recover from the Covid-19 outbreak.

He told his Cabinet members during a White House meeting the order “gives you tremendous power to cut regulation”.

“And we want to leave it that way,” he added.

The order is about “instructing federal agencies to use any and all authority to waive, suspend and eliminate unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery,” Trump said before signing it with a large black felt pen, according to The Independent.

The devil is always in the details but it is difficult to see how this could turn out negative.



  1. We'll see how the minions down in the agencies respond.

    1. That’s the problem isn’t it? The bureaucrats that do the regulating have to justify their positions. They do this by enforcing “unnecessary regulations”. By waiving, suspending and eliminating unnecessary regulations they show themselves to be unnecessary. Hard to expect someone to cut their own legs off.

    2. Exactly Capn, the only way to really cut regulations are to close the Regulatory departments.

  2. Unfortunately the devil is in the details. Too bad the word "unnecessary" is in there. Just as we might say that there is no such thing as a "non-essential" business, the typical bureaucrat is always going to sat that there is no such thing as an "unnecessary" regulation.

  3. Trump could start by declaring the National Health Emergency to be over.

  4. There are 2 devils in these details:

    1. Funding: The Power of the Purse is given to Congress. It has been seen that a Present Congress may not obligate a future to spend a penny. Will the Activist Courts accept this when, as has been rumored, Trump would, in a second term, cut spending?

    2.The Technocratic State offloaded Oversight of its Myriad Projects to the Executive Branch. The dreaded "NPRM", "Notice of Proposed Rule-Making", set up a Parallel Government with none of the Checks and Balances. If Trump guts many of these Provisions - after all, he is the Chief Executive - will the Activist Courts allow this?

    The Civil War may over just these items. What happens when the Old - the former "Radical New" - gets swept away by the "New New"? A few of the Judges might have to be removed first...


  5. It can't hurt, but it is also unlikely to help.
    Unless forced the various departments agencies etc will do nothing.

    In Illinois a few years back the legislature passed a 70mph speed limit. The governor vetoed it. Then it was passed again with super majority so no veto. Then the underlying departments refused to raise the speed limits under some technicality. The law was fixed and passed again with a super majority. The state transportation departments then did some studies that were of course gamed and finally relented to some areas getting 70mph and a few 65 and 60 mph speed limits here and there. Most of the Chicago area where the most people are remained at 55mph. Which of course was repealed on the federal level in 1995.

    Getting even this minor bit of freedom back from the safety cult has been an overwhelming task. The 70mph speed limits lost because of Nixon's decree in 1974 are still with us for much of the region. They are ignored, and a 70mph speed limit would simply better describe reality but it's been a decades long battle.

    I don't think an executive order is enough. The only thing that could motivate them is their budgets getting cut to the bone or to zero.

  6. Well, hey, according to RW, if only Hildebeast would have been charge. I guess she would have opened the borders to all those 'natural libertarians' infected with various turd world diseases and we could become a 'muh cheap labor' paradise.