Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Los Angeles Mayor Blinks, Walks Back 3 More Months of Lockdown

Eric Garcetti
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said this morning that while county officials are recommending the stay-at-home order be extended for the next three months, the order is also"flexible."

"When our county health officer Dr. (Barbara) Ferrer merely said that an order would stay in place for at least three more months, that doesn't mean the order stays in place exactly as it is today," Garcetti said on CNN.

"Do not freak out when you hear a scientist say that it's still going to be here and we're still going to be living under health orders," Garcetti said.

These clowns have no backbone or principle. They will do the power freak moves until they get push back. The push back needs to continue wherever lockdowns continue.

The lockdowns make no sense from a scientific perspective and are destroying economies.

It is really quite amazing that these power freaks are willing to implement regulations that are destroying the economy that is underneath them--only because polls show the masses favor the lockdown.

Wait until the masses come out from under the ether and realize the destruction these lockdowns have done.



  1. Maybe he remembers the riots.

  2. Anyone that lived there then didnt forget, I know I didnt.

  3. All these Democrat politicians are operating off of the same blueprint: (1) Crash "Trump's economy" by extending lock-downs as long as possible, and then by re-opening the economy as desultorily and sluggishly as possible; (2) get nation-wide mail-in voting ahead of the November Election, the more easily to engage in voter fraud; (3) With the combination of plummeting Trump popularity and voter fraud, secure Democrat Party hegemony.
    Mark my word, once Trump loses the Election, we won't hear a peep from any of these scare-mongering politicians and their winged-monkey MSM henchmen, about the deadly virus or the need for shut-downs. In fact, it will be the opposite: "The virus is defeated! Open the Economy! Back to work, everybody, good-times are here again!"