Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Post COVID-19 Supply Restraints, Yes Even in Las Vegas Casinos

Having a good time in Vegas.
Over at Target Liberty, I highlight the post-COVID 19 changes that will take place in Las Vegas casinos thanks to super-aggressive regulators in the wake of COVID-19which is essentially a flu-like virus.

One thing that deserves special focus here at EPJ is the limitation on the number of card players at blackjack and poker tables:
Regulators have capped capacity at three players a table for blackjack and four for poker.
And spacing at dice tables:
 “The days of 16 people standing around the dice table high-fiving one another are over for now,” said Adam Wiesberg, the general manager of the El Cortez.
These are really examples of post-COVID supply restraints and as you would expect it will mean higher prices:
 Casinos are now...considering raising minimum bets at card tables.
Given the penchant for mini-Maos across the country to regulate, often in extremely bizarre fashion, there will be supply restraints across the economy that an outsider can't possibly imagine in advance but that will be part of the supply shock to the economy that will result in fewer products and services being available---resulting in upward pressure on prices.



  1. Geeze, RW, you had to post that picture. As if I weren't depressed enough already.

  2. That reminds me of the Cone of Silence that Maxwell Smart and Chief used in the old TV show.

  3. I'm not a gambler, nor good at statistics (which is why I'm not a gambler I suppose), but...If there are fewer people at a table betting on cards, won't the winnings be smaller?