Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Top Stanford Medical Scientist: Lockdowns Are a Big Error

Jay Bhattacharya
Jay Bhattacharya, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, holder of courtesy appointments as Professor in Economics and in Health Research and Policy, and the Director of the Stanford Center on the Demography of Health and Aging, was interviewed once again by Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution.

Bhattacharya reported that he has just completed serological testing of MLB employees (not players but back-office personnel) across the country for the COVID-19 antibody and the results showed that only 0.7% of employees had positive results for the antibody.

This is a disaster. It means that the lockdown has worked in a bizarre fashion in that it has kept people from getting infected. It thus means that whenever the lockdown is lifted the infection will spread throughout the population (with possibly a lull in summer months).

He went on to state that there is no clear indication of when or if a vaccine will be successfully developed against the virus. He noted there are no vaccines for any other coronaviruses.

Thus, there are only two alternatives, keep the lockdown on indefinitely with the result of more deaths from suicide, more domestic abuse, more child abuse, more child molestation and a general collapse of normal human interaction
Alternatively, end the lockdowns, open up the country and protect those from infection who are most in danger if infected, that is, those who have serious illnesses most of whom are the elderly.

In other words, the lockdowns are a bizarre attempt to do the impossible: Make the virus go away.

It will inflict harm on many via the lockdowns for an unknown period when a reasonable alternative is available.

The lockdowns are almost a bizarre version of the Salem witch hunts where all are locked down until all the witches are caught.

When the madness dies and the COVID-19 trials begin for governors and mayors who ignored the warnings against the lockdowns of humanity, Dr. Bhattacharya will be a key witness.

Extra charges should be bought against Gavin Newsom, London Breed and Libby Schaaf who turned a deaf ear to the warnings of so many Stanford scientists in their backyard.

The death and destruction brought on by these three will not be forgotten by history.



  1. Courts will not likely allow the trials of governors and mayors who suppressed liberty, destroyed businesses and careers and hope, and who caused unnecessary deaths with government lockdowns will likely never occur despite the carnage they are causing, but history will remember these dark times and these bad actors.

  2. When I mention to people that we will all have to get the virus they look at me like I'm crazy. Now I can just hand them this post and save all the grief.