Monday, June 1, 2020

George Floyd Died for Trying to Compete With the Federal Reserve

In a very significant way, George Floyd died because he did what the Federal Reserve does on a daily basis on a much grander scale.

On May 25, Minneapolis police officers arrested Floyd after a deli employee called 911, accusing him of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.

Seventeen minutes after the first squad car arrived at the scene, The New York Times reports,  Floyd was unconscious and pinned beneath three police officers, showing no signs of life.

In other words, he died as the direct result of using a $20 bill that was printed out of thin air, that is, by slapping green ink to paper.

By slapping green ink to paper, and electronically, such money printing occurs on a daily basis by the government-controlled Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve, through decades of sleight of hand, cut the relationship between gold (a money that emerged naturally in the world through free exchange) and Federal Reserve notes. The Fed notes are now the medium of exchange in the United States. It is against the law to compete with the Fed in printing money out of thin air.

The government protects the Federal Reserve monopoly in this area. By doing so, the government directs the Fed to print money in ways that benefit government leaders, and those close to government. It really does not give someone like Floyd a chance when others are walking around bidding up goods with newly printed money. You have to be very close to power to get a good piece of the money printed by the Fed.

And so, copying the Federal Reserve, Floyd allegedly used a $20 bill printed out of thin air by a non-Fed entity. This at its core was why George Floyd ended up murdered. He was using a bill in competition with the Fed. There would never have been a call to the police otherwise.

In May during an interview with "60 Minutes," Federal Reserve Board chairman Jay Powell admitted they print money out of thin air.

It should be noted during the same general period of the COVID-19 panic when Floyd passed the lowly $20 bill, the Federal Reserve has printed more than three trillion dollars.

Suffice to say, no copper will be pushing his knee on the neck of  Chairman Powell and choking him to death anytime soon.

Governments take care of their own and make sure no one else attempts to get in on the lucre. This is why George Floyd is dead.

End the Fed!



  1. Great post. Is anyone paying attention?

  2. He also died to due police localities having a monopoly on law enforcement and of course they behave as such.

  3. Very important angle to all of this that almost certainly will go unreported.

    But it is worth noting that he also called because he felt Floyd was too intoxicated to drive or even handle himself, which could potentially make this a very complicated legal matter given that asphyxiation has apparently already been ruled out.

    P.S. As a resident of Minneapolis (the Uptown area in particular) as far as I could see The Minneapolis Federal Reserve building was the only private business that the Nation Guard was protecting this weekend. I'll ask around.

    1. There is no indication your story is true:

      Do you have evidence for your statement?

  4. What I should have written was: Clever post. However, counterfeiting whether by Mr. Floyd or the FED should always be treated as a crime. The more important truth about the FED is that it institutionalizes theft and underwrites the politicization of society which results in reaction to the common flu becoming a world-wide hysteria. Politics is about force and coercion and as that gains legitimacy fear and uncertainty increase. People are more susceptible to mistrust and hysteria. Without the FED counterfeiting the use of politics would be less and theft and coercion would not gain such widespread legitimacy. Fostering more trust,more room for voluntary exchange and the compelling logic of the free market. Commerce without coercion.

    1. Technically, I'm not sure that the Fed is actually counterfeiting. No one is tricked or defrauded when the Fed (actually the Treasury) prints new USD or facilitates the creation of new demand deposits by the banking system. They are genuinely what everyone assumes that they are.

      The wrong in the system is the legislation that outlaws or taxes media of exchange that try to compete with the USD (e.g., gold, crypto, etc.), and the state's enforcement of this legislation.

    2. Counterfeit - "Made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive." FRN's are an imitation of money and through legislation they are intended to deceive people into believing they are the same as money. They are not. FRN's are based on the might-makes-right concept as the FED is backed by the federal government which everyone accepts has the power to force the use of FRNs in transactions that give them value. This is enforced counterfeiting. Theft on a world-wide scale. And until it is recognized as theft and therefore wrong no amount of legislative changes will prevent the theft.

    3. In economic terms, "money" is the most widely accepted medium of exchange. Right now, much as we might not like it, FRNs meet that definition, so there is no deception. The fact that this is forced on us doesn't change the fact that the FRNs both purport to be, and operate as, "money."

      I also don't see any theft here. If you're referring to the reduction in purchasing power of the FRN from inflation of the money supply, then I would say that no one has the right to any particular value of any asset that he owns, including an FRN. "Value" is the asset that someone else is willing to exchange for your asset, and you cannot have a property right in someone else's asset (until they transfer title to you).

      My point is not to defend the Fed, only to note that the moral wrong is the force used to prevent use of other forms of money; that is quite separate from notions of "deception" or "theft."

    4. "The fact that this is forced on us doesn't change the fact that the FRNs both purport to be, and operate as, "money."" The fact is that "purport to be" is a lie designed to deceive. I agree, this is fraud. But because FRN's predecessors were frequently rejected in the past as a medium of exchange despite government lies, the government resorted to force. The legislation granting a money monopoly to the FED is exactly that. When someone forces me to pay for an inferior product (FRN's) I consider that theft. Its important for people to understand that this is theft and that theft is morally wrong and practically impoverishing to them. The FEDs actions are based on might-makes-right and there is no way to legitimize it.

  5. George Floyd and other victims of police brutality are a reflection of how cops are trained in the US and the people that subject themselves to such training that are “just following orders”. Are there order that they would not follow?

    Government cops are not peace keepers but enforcers. They are trained to treat people as subjects to their authority. Those that do not submit are considered hostiles. This training and the attitudes of cops needs to change.

    Floyd was committing fraud so was subject to punishment. If death is the correct punishment for such an act, everyone that is part of or endorses the Federal Reserve system should be killed.