Saturday, June 13, 2020

Risk and COVID-19 What the Mini-Maos Don't Get

The government officials, aka Mini-Maos, who imposed lockdowns across the country because of COVID-19 have very little in the way of sound scientific evidence to justify the lockdowns on medical reasons but it is worse.

The blunt instrument of the lockdowns has a hidden implication that everyone has the same tolerance for risk and that the tolerance is near zero.

In fact, we all have different levels of risk tolerance and the risk for severe consequences from COVID-19 infection for a healthy individual under 75 appear to be very low.

I submit the below video as Exhibit 1 that some are willing to tolerate higher risk by participating in exercises that are not a necessity for survival

In other words, there is much more to life than living in a room sheltered from all risk.

You really have to watch this:



  1. Life, Liberty and the Approval of the Central Committee

  2. Just call them what they are: cowards.

    Cowards in high places of influence. Cowards in government.
    Cowards in medical establishment.

  3. Love the video.
    So, how come the USA, with the best health care, the best sanitation in the World, accounts for a quarter of world - wide deaths??
    Maybe an analogy is Stalin's (apocryphal) observation that 'Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.'
    Substitute "deaths".