Saturday, July 25, 2020

A Bloomberg News Response to Ludwig von Mises

Weisenthal is the executive editor of news for Bloomberg Digital. He is also the co-anchor of “What'd You Miss?”, Bloomberg Television's flagship markets program.

My response:


  1. Good Question.
    Non - Maff is HARD...

  2. He objects to the fact he hasn't read it and even if he did he won't understand it.

  3. I still maintain that NO non-Austrian has the slightest familiarity, much less an understanding, of the concept of economic calculation, much less an understanding of its application to distorted prices under Keynesian policy and no prices under socialist policy. And I ALWAYS tell them so. No one ever responds by claiming they have an understanding. They just start calling names. At which point I thank them for proving my point.

  4. Bloomberg also thinks "classical liberalism" means universal health care and universal basic income. It'd almost be unbelievable if I didn't already know how crazy and stupid Leftists are. They took the word "liberalism" from us. Now they want to take "classical liberalism" too. We're going to have to coin "original liberalism" after they finish their bastardization.

    "The better path for policymakers across the West is to offer more pragmatic, but still sufficiently bold, alternatives. And as I’ve argued, this means reviving classical liberalism — not in the American sense of “left” but in the European sense of “freedom.”

    Health care, for example, can be provided publicly, privately or in a mixed system like Germany’s; but it should always be universal. Pension reform is a no-brainer. So is tax simplification that cuts loopholes for Boomers, thus broadening the base without necessarily raising rates. And yes, we should keep studying the idea, still never properly tried, of a Universal Basic Income — not to expand, but to replace the welfare state."

  5. Yes, the length and absence of pictures.