Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Calls for Dismantling of the Entire System; Has Problem With Profit

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar on Tuesday said the entire system must be dismantled.

She spoke in generalities so it was difficult to point a finger at what she desires torn down but she did mention a problem with the current structure of profits.

It is unlikely she was specifically objecting to crony profits of those in bed with government but rather she was objecting to profits based on some type of radical left intersectionality scale.

It is not surprising that this is her thinking but what is surprising is that the current socialist cultural march has advanced to the degree that her political instincts signal to her that she can be open about the destruction she wants.

Corporations who are funding this advance are making a big mistake. They are not buying protection, they are funding their own ultimate destruction.



  1. And yet she has no problem funneling nearly a million dollars in "profit" to her hubby's consulting firm:


  2. She is laughable here. She's a politician and rejects compromise?! Who is she kidding. Her next words she contradicts herself: how come you, the politicians, are not negotiating with your marginal constituents who are constantly in pain. She rakes her colleagues over the coal for constantly telling these marginal people what can be and what should be acceptable treatment for themselves, etc. Yet that is precisely what she does as a socialist leaning politician.

    My platitude on this airy hypocritcal speech: Emotional garbage in emotional garbage out.

  3. It looks like we've identified one of the few congressmen who hasn't read Mises. Where does she think that the wealth comes from to distribute to her favored constituencies?

  4. I suspect that Trump is happy as a clam seeing the AOC, IO, et al clown brigade speaking for the Left. Every time any one of them opens their mouth he gains hundreds of votes.