Thursday, July 23, 2020

My Review of the Stephanie Kelton MMT Book 'Deficit Myths'

Torin Hunter emails:
According to one of your entries in EPJ on June 24 (see link below),  you made the statement that your review of Stephanie Kelton's book, The Deficit Myth, would be out on Monday the 29th of June.   I have searched for but have not been able to find said review.  Has it been delayed?  Has it been published elsewhere?  Any information would be most appreciated.  Also, do you have any plans to review, Austrian Economics, an Introduction, the new book by Steven Horwitz?  It is available for free on
RW response:

When I initially put that post up, I had planned to do a regular EPJ-style review of the book, which would have been a few paragraphs. But I have found so much wrong with the book---wrong things presented in such an enticing manner--- that I am completing a much more detailed comment on the book that will likely turn into a booklet/small book.

I have even hired a professional editor to edit the book when it is complete. I don't want to give an exact date but it shouldn't be much longer.

I consider the book very dangerous with clever analysis going in a very bad direction. This needs to be exposed.

I  will look at the Horwitz book but I have a lot of other projects on my plate and probably won't add it to my list unless something really stands out.



  1. I'm looking forward to your review also.

  2. My creepy Econ teacher is a devout Stephanie follower and I want to embarrass him with facts.

  3. Somewhere around page 50 I recalled an interview that Mickey Rooney gave to Johnny Carson (or maybe it was Jack Paar) to promote his then recent book. Said Rooney, "It's the type of book that once you put it down, you can't pick it back up." This makes it hard to review. But please read page 87, which was as far as I could stomach.