Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Rand Paul Explodes Over New Corona Virus "Stimulus" Propsals

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul tweeted out his objections to the talking points surrounding a likely new COVID-19 "stimulus" plan.

According to Business Insider, yesterday Rand "stormed out of the Senate lunch said he was "alarmed" that the government was planning to spend "another $1 trillion we don't have."

He complained that Republicans wanted to send another round of checks to "people who didn't lose their jobs."

Rand has this right, these stimulus packages are not much different from what the socialist Democrats are proposing and are extremely irresponsible.

When the price inflation heats up, Rand will be able to say, "Don't look at me."


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  1. What does he think sbout 1/3 of people not paying their rent/mortgage payments?