Thursday, July 16, 2020

This is What Happens When You Listen to Wenzel....And When You Don't

On March 24, there was panic in the air, I wrote this here at EPJ:
I have been writing the EPJ Daily Alert for years but I have never written an Alert like the one I am going to write on Wednesday.

I think it may well be THE CALL of my career.

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It turned out the close on March 23 was the exact bottom:

My "career call" in the EPJ Daily Alert was to go "ALL IN"

Here are just some of the recent unsolicited emails from EPJ Daily Alert subscribers I have received since that call :
I’ve been reading for many years and mostly invested in real estate, with incredible success using your advice, but never really done any trading. I have to admit, when you called the market low during Covid, I thought you were crazy and way wrong, now I’m just kicking myself I didn’t get in when you said to. Looking back, it was quite prophetic. 
As always, I greatly appreciate your alert.  As a novice investor with little time to “play” the market, it’s incredible how much money I’ve been able to make using your advice.  Keeping cash “set aside” was absolutely clutch and you perfectly timed the bottom of the market. 
 I am just getting into stock trading with this covid crash. Just purchased the simple model portfolio and getting great returns: SPY +45% and GDX +26%. These seem like incredible returns in my limited experience. 
 Thanks for the GREAT daily letter.  Have been an Austrian follower for decades and finally someone who is not always doom and gloom!
Time is proving you spot on wrt covid.  Nice job!! 
Been a Daily Alert Subscriber for years and best money I ever spent. The way you use your blog and letter to apply Austrian Economics and how you assess policy (politics) is truly awesome. You were the one that pointed out the error of Austrian Lites. You correctly focus on Money Supply. You took a stand against Trump wave regardless of what appeared to be a short term plus via “coalition”. You’ve been ahead of the curve with the market through this development. Excellent. 
But at the core thanks for your consistency. The most valuable thing I take away is the contemporary and practical application of economic and investing concepts. 
 I literally anxiously await every alert.  It is simply the most informative letter that I read.  My watch alerts me to its arrival.
Thank you for the 700% return on SPAQ. That is the largest, short term gain I have ever converted! (RW note: I believe most who purchased SPAQ warrants on my recommendatiom "only" had gains of between 200% and 400%--and they don't all work out this way.)
And from a recent post:
From Dan:
Gotta hand it to ya, its true. Glad I went all in
From Mic:
Me too, Dan. It’s the best financial commentary I’ve ever experienced.

But then I do get emails from Austrian-lites. This came in from James K,  around the time I gave my ALL-IN call, who apparently thought the market was going to continue to crash forever:
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby,
Don't the markets realize that you made the call that we're in the boom phase of the business cycle?
Let's face it, you just don't comprehend Austrian Economics.  
I think your new name is Bobby "Lock-Limit Down" Wenzel.
Very sincerely yours,

NOTE: Past spectacular calls do not mean future spectacular calls.



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