Saturday, August 8, 2020

BREAKING: Trump Signs Executive Orders Related to COVID Stimulus

At his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, President Trump signed this afternoon executive orders that put into effect:
  • The deferment of the payroll tax for those earning under $100,000 until to the end of year--- retroactive to August 1
  • Enhanced unemployment benefits until the end of 2020 of $400 per week
  • The deferment of student loans and forgiving of interest until further notice
  • Extended renter eviction moratoriums
Federal Reserve Board chairman Jay Powell was spotted in a full face mask at his local Office Depot ordering three trailer loads of green ink.



  1. "deferment of payroll taxes" Does that mean we will have to double up in 2021? In any event, these orders along with his trade policies seem designed to keep the U.S. in a prolonged social and economic crisis. This seems like a poor political strategy. But history suggests that people don't like to change leaders during a crisis so maybe this will turn out to be a brilliant political strategy. So who do you vote for? Senile 1 or Senile 2. How about None of the above.

    1. Old French proverb: "What is postponed is lost."

  2. What is even happening anymore??? Now every time a tyrannical mess clogs up in the legislature the President will come behind and shove it down via decree? does this not sound extremely dangerous to, like, everybody? Wenzel was so right to say Hillary would have been better.

  3. Just sounds like a nightmare for accountants and payroll people. I don't think most accounting systems are designed to be able to do this type of thing.

  4. So if you earn, say, $100,000, then you should ask your employer to lower your compensation by $1, and then you'll make thousands more in payroll tax deferment!

  5. POTUS executive order to further diminish the value of the USD.

    Is an act of war on the USA

    HT Charles Burris

  6. I think Trump is playing with the left. Didn't the Supreme Court rule that a sitting president can not rescind a previous EO? You know, DACA, where the Kenyan Muslim granted quasi legal status to the children of illegals that all should have been deported. If they oppose, well, Obama could write law, so why can't Trump?

  7. Such BS. He should not have done this. Playing games to get the Dims to react and it hurts taxpayers again. I personally know of people who are living high on the hog with this extra unemployment money. Their employers are even working the system by alternating their work weeks so they can claim unemployment. The corrupt in all this is on a grand scale. He just gave all these people more incentive not to work. It needs to stop!!