Sunday, August 2, 2020

Here's What A Cashless Society Really Means

From the ATM Industry Association:
A cashless society means no cash. Zero. It doesn’t mean mostly cashless and you can still use a ‘wee bit of cash here & there’. Cashless means fully digital, fully traceable, fully controlled. I think those who support a cashless society aren’t fully aware of what they are asking for. A cashless society means:
* If you are struggling with your mortgage on a particular month, you can’t do an odd job to get you through.
* Your child can’t go & help the local farmer to earn a bit of summer cash.
* No more cash slipped into the hands of a child as a good luck charm or from their grandparent when going on holidays.
* No more money in birthday cards.
* No more piggy banks for your child to collect pocket money & to learn about the value of earning.
* No more cash for a rainy day fund or for that something special you have been putting £20 a week away for.
* No more nixers on the side because your wages barely cover the bills or put food on the table.
* No more charity collections.
* No more selling bits & pieces from your home that you no longer want/need for a bit of cash in return.
* No more cash gifts from relatives or loved ones.
What a cashless society does guarantee:
* Banks have full control of every single penny you own.
* Every transaction you make is recorded.
* All your movements & actions are traceable.
* Access to your money can be blocked at the click of a button when/if banks need ‘clarification’ from you which will take about 3 weeks, a thousand questions answered & five thousand passwords.
* You will have no choice but to declare & be taxed on every pound in your possession.
* The government WILL decide what you can & cannot purchase.
* If your transactions are deemed in any way questionable, by those who create the questions, your money will be frozen, ‘for your own good’.

(ht David Mueller)


  1. If anything is worth protesting, this is it.

  2. I get the weight of the argument. But when cash disappears IT wont be totally gloom and doom. Bartering and local community building will pick the slack and in the grand scheme of decentralization that isnt a bad thing.

  3. I think you understate it. If you step out of line, "they" could shut off your ability to spend a single red cent. No food purchase of any kind, no flophouse until you get your thoughts together, no uber-bus-gas-car, no lawyer to advocate for you, no investigator to find out why you are turned off, no trip to the TV station for an interview and no letter-phonecall-text to your representative, no prescription refills, no property tax payments, no pet food, no tuition for your kids, no utility payments, no help for your aged parents - no way to even contact your aged parents, no health care, no cancer screening . . . If you have an expensive watch or something else you can barter - maybe some nice shoes - you get one purchase, make it last.

    1. Exactly. This could lead to tyranny on levels never seen before.