Thursday, August 13, 2020

One of the Best Movies About Entrepreneurship Ever Made?

I haven't seen this movie yet but Tyler Cowen writes:
I am not giving away anything by telling you the basic premise of this film is that a Yiddish-speaking NYC Ellis Island arrival is time-traveled 100 years into the future to the current day, where he meets up with his great-grandson, and the two start hanging out together.

At first it seems silly and slight, but over a short 90 minutes it is revealed to be one of the best movies about entrepreneurship ever made, a biting critique of PC and Millennials, a look at current American “complacency”/decadence, and a paean to the value of family and religion and Judaism in particular, all within the framework of a sufficiently entertaining comedy.  It is one of the most successful “right-wing movies” I have seen.

Not surprisingly, the reviews about this one are clueless, but large numbers of MR readers will pick up on the numerous subtle points and jabs.
It is streaming on HBO/HBO Max.



  1. Given his fuzzy understanding of economics, Cowen's understanding of entrepreneurism is likely equally fuzzy. For a truly excellent movie about entrepreneurial skills I suggest Other People's Money staring Danny Devito and Greg Peck. Devito's speech is better than the "Greed is good" speech in the Michael Douglas movie Wall Street.

  2. This was not the best film on entrephrenuerism. This was a comedy with a little boot strapping mixed in. WTF is Tyler talking about? If anything to take away from the movie, its culture changes with time.