Tuesday, August 25, 2020

VIDEO: James Altucher Responds to Jerry Seinfeld Attack on Him

James Altucher wrote an essay claiming New York City is dead forever.

Jerry Seinfeld responded with a New York Times op-ed brutally attacking Altucher.

Altucher appeared on "Morning's with Maria Bartiromo" at Fox Business to defend himself.

For the record, a portion of the tax base is leaving the Big Apple. There are no hard numbers yet, but if it is big enough departure, the city will be crushed---unless the city of New York declares bankruptcy, lowers taxes and regulations.

Altucher has a point.



  1. Yes, if we just keep our chins up, stay positive, and [as long-haired liberal moron at the end said] "make the cost of living low again"...this will all go away.
    Indeed, wave our magic wand and make prices lower---what could go wrong?
    Translation: Here come the price controls, and the concomitant shortages.

  2. James Altucher / Beaker from 'Muppet Labs' - no relation

  3. James Altucher's response to Jerry Seinfeld is thoughtful and well done. It's almost a model reply. Don't get emotional. Don't play on their level. Stick to the facts.

    Maybe James should ask if Seinfeld is brave enough to call either the Governor or Mayor "a putz"? Does he think they are doing a good job? Seinfeld has done some decent work criticising cancel culture in the stand up comedy world back in 2015. Not very vocal since. I doubt he would go beyond that.


  4. What's sad is that these dopes who voted for this destruction will move to other places and do the same thing again. Too bad we can't force these people to stay there and live with it.