Wednesday, September 23, 2020

13 Nobel Laureates in Economics Endorse Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Hands down, Joe Biden is the choice of establishment Keynesian economists. 

Thirteen Nobel laureates in economics issued the below letter yesterday.

Trump's economic policies are erratic, to say the least, but anybody that has enemies, such as those that have signed on to this letter, can't be all bad.

September 22, 2020

We the undersigned express our support for the economic principles and policies of Joe Biden. While each of us has different views on the particulars of various economic policies, we believe that Biden’s overall economic agenda will improve our nation’s health, investment, sustainability, resilience, employment opportunities, and fairness and be vastly superior to the counterproductive economic policies of Donald Trump.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, Biden has recognized that science-based, public health solutions are critical not only to saving lives, but to any viable strategy to restore economic confidence, recovery, and jobs. Similarly, on issue after issue, Biden’s economic agenda will do far more than Donald Trump’s to increase the economic strength and well-being of our nation and its people. Simply put, Biden’s policies will result in economic growth that is faster, more robust, and more equitable.

Signed by 13 recipients of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences:

  • George Akerlof – Professor, Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy

  • Peter Diamond – Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Oliver Hart – Professor, Harvard University

  • Eric Maskin – Professor, Harvard University

  • Daniel McFadden – Professor, University of California, Berkeley and University of Southern California

  • Roger Myerson – Professor, University of Chicago

  • William Nordhaus – Professor, Yale University

  • Edmund Phelps – Professor and Director of the Center on Capitalism and Society,Columbia University

  • Paul Romer – Professor, New York University

  • Robert Solow – Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Michael Spence – Professor and Dean Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Joseph Stiglitz – Professor, Columbia University

  • Richard Thaler – Professor, University of Chicago Booth School of Business



  1. The league of educated idiots is amazing these days. No wonder we can't get anything done.

  2. This is a gem: "Biden has recognized that science-based, public health solutions are critical not only to saving lives, but to any viable strategy to restore economic confidence, recovery, and jobs." Haven't the solutions done the exact opposite?

    1. That's because the left conflates government policy making with science. In their world you do what the scientist tells you and ignore the recommendations of other experts like economists, actuaries, risk managers, financial advisors, psychologists, engineers, etc. Of course if science yields a result you don't like, then you go with your emotions.

    2. Not for government employees, and most of these idiots probably have a government job. None of them have lost a dollar here in Alaska that I know of.
      I have a friend who I won’t mention where he works but it’s a state government agency and he hasn’t worked his job since March and is getting his steady paycheck. And he is paid $40 something an hour.
      What’s been great is he re-started his business in the meantime and is raking in cash from that too. I hate the State but have encouraged him to keep his state job while this is going on. Once they have him come back to work, if ever corona scare ends, he will quit the job.
      So bottom line, and 73% of the people who live here work for some government agency, supposedly protecting the people from corona makes sense to them and their personal economics haven’t been harmed at all, and for some, like my friend, they are doing better than ever.

  3. Establishment compliant state funded intellectuals support compliant establishment politician. Shocking.