Friday, September 4, 2020

A Big Baby in the Bay

It was cold (58 degrees) and foggy this morning over San Francisco bay.

Just before sun break, every weekday morning I head out and grab a takeout of scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee at a local diner and walk down to the shoreline.

In the old days (pre-COVID19), it wasn't unusual to see cargo ships pass by. Now, it is a rare sight.

I posted a picture of one such ship a couple of weeks ago. I spotted another this morning.

There is some global cargo transport occurring but not much.




  1. Or empty containers headed back to Asia. They tend to stack up on the west coast.

    1. It looked to me like they were backing into the Oakland port but I couldn't stick around to find out---had to finish getting the EPJ Daily Alert out.

  2. Could be fresh mail-in ballot papers for local distribution.

  3. For a real time view of ocean vessels, check it's free. I use it at work to track shipments.
    you can filter to show only cargo vessels.