Monday, October 26, 2020

POWERFUL: This is What Really Happened in 2020

I have already placed a notice about the new David Stockman Kindle book, Dump Trump: Why Conservatives Should Punt on Nov. 3rd.

Since the notice, I have finally had the opportunity to read the book and can without hesitation state that it is the most important exposition of what has gone on in the year 2020 and Donald Trump's role in it--and also the entire Trump presidency.

I tend to publish snippets from new books that highlight the main themes of a book but this book is packed from first word to last with a clear explanation of what Trump has done to the country. There is not an excess word, each is important. The book must be read in its entirety.

This book will inform you about Trump's rule and the mad year 2020 like no other, everything is covered.

Here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1. Long Live The Opposition Party---Why The Donald Is Not Fit For Conservative


Chapter 2. The Myth Of The Greatest Economy Ever

Chapter 3. The Covid Lockdown Disaster: Why The Buck Stops With Trump

Chapter 4. The "V" Shaped Recovery Delusion

Chapter 5: The False Economy Of Washington's Coast-to-Coast Soup Lines

Chapter 6. No Country For An Old Debt Mooch

Chapter 7. The Trumpification Of Money---The Donald's Most Unforgivable Sin Against

Conservative Economics

Chapter 8. No Tax Trump: Poster Boy For Bubble Finance

Chapter 9. Trump's Baleful Fiscal Legacy: Defenestration of The GOP

Chapter 10. Law And Order Howling---Not A President's Job

Chapter 11. The Empire Strikes Back: The Donald's Iranian Folly And The Demise Of America


Chapter 12. The Trumpified GOP's Big Fat Whiff On ObamaCare Rep

When you discuss Trump with your neighbors and friends, the information in this book is what you are going to want to know. This book is about what really happened and no one else is going to recount the story the way Stockman does.

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  1. I look forward to seeing the snippets. The big question is how would Hildebeast have been better for the country? What side is David Stockman really on? Maybe if his conservatard grifters had done their job in the 90's, we would not be here right now, so laying the blame on Trump is kind of asinine on his part. Why didn't Reagan get the Dept. of Education abolished?

    1. "Why didn't Reagan get the Dept. of Education abolished? "

      Remember that lone nut outside his limo? Back then they went that far to get a president to behave.

  2. Here is a great article how American IT workers are getting shafted by the H1B immigration system, and sadly, Trump's worthless anti-American son-in-law is part of the problem.

  3. So we lose the country (freedom and liberty) no matter who wins the election. Is there a way to escape this outcome?

    1. You are going to lose a hell of a lot less under Trump.

  4. This book is coming out too late to have an influence on the election.

  5. Based on the above the liberty and freedom will be lost after the election no matter who wins. Is there an escape from this outcome?

  6. "What kind of guy is Stockman?"
    Ask Paul Craig Roberts.

    This is sad. Put in the most horrible terms you wish - "The lesser of 2 evils", perhaps - and there is still no reason NOT to vote for Trump over Biden. BIDEN!!!.

    "I can't vote for Hugo Chavez' opponent. He's such a BOOR..." A Hitler comparison is always a hardy perennial: "I wouldn't personally like to see Hitler as Chancellor but the opposition is SOOOO...ugly...".

    So, go ahead, use your smug superiority to lift your nose and sniff against the Donald. We are staring into the Abyss.

    "I've gotta leave now...I know how this movie ends..."

  7. In other news, economist wrong about free trade and globalization:

  8. One more example of why Austro-libertarians fail: politics comes before economics. This is axiomatic and a fact of life that is continually ignored by the entire Austro-libertarian school of thought.

  9. Robert Novak, NYT,

    "If, as a columnist, I was so arrogant as to see only public officials with whom I agreed, I would not be getting much news and, in truth, would see precious few people. Some of my oldest and most valuable news sources are people who disagree with me about virtually everything. Instead, I had simply come to the point where I could not tell when David was or was not telling the truth."

  10. I think it only fair to link to the original Kinsley review:

    I was in DC at the time and knew Novak and Stockman, if only as a libertarian soldier, and Stockman's account of the period is consistent with what I saw. Also see Ernie Fitzgerald's accounts of the period: